Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where have I been and what have I been doing ???

We had a wonderful visit with our four children, their spouses and our 6 3/4 grandchildren in February. But once that visit was over and everyone had gone home I was resolved to get some sewing done and so I did. The pictures below are four dresses that I smocked and sewed and my fingers have tough spots now from pushing the needle through to prove it. I decided that I can't decide what I love most, hand sewing or machine sewing so I think I am just going to love both. My Bernina makes the machine sewing so much easier and the people at Australian Smocking and Embroidery magazine make the smocking possible. It is a fabulous publication and I was brave this time and didn't just try to make the easiest dress, I ventured into lots of piping and new hand stitches, one being the cast on flowers which are picture on the pink flowered dress. They were tough so I really need to practice to make them better and there were colonial knots on the blue and yellow flowered dress. The other challenge was the ribbon run under the smocking on the bright pink dress. That was tricky!! The ribbon kept folding over on me and I was getting frustrated but I kept at it. The finished product is not perfect but once again it was a learning experience. Having 5 granddaughters is definitely motivating for me. It is so much fun to make such pretty things. I am anxious to get back to quilting, I want to practice free motion quilting with my stitch regulator but I need to make another dress or outfit as there are four here, not five. Also I am encourage any hand sewers to get yourself an Ott light, what a great product, I feel like I can see the tiniest stitches with it by my side to light my work. I told my husband the other night that between my wonderful Amanda Jane pleater and my Ott light that I am one lucky girl and of course he just laughed! All these tools make it easier and possible to enjoy smocking and sewing.