Tuesday, May 20, 2008

back to sewing . . .

With lots of other things to do yesterday I went up in my sewing room last night and kept at it until I finished a quilt which I plan to give to my new granddaughter who is due at the end of June. The colors are bright and the back is soft, I used flannel so I think it should be useful. It was not the best job of having the corners of the squares meet but everytime I make another quilt I feel like I learn more.

Found out recently that my youngest son's girlfriend is pregnant. When they find out what they will be having I will be sewing for him/her I am sure, can't wait!

I still need to finish my quilt top from my attempt at Crazy Mom Quilts quilt along. Don't know if I will ever finish it at as a quilt, just would like to get the quilt top finished.

I am anxious to start sewing some purses, totes, supermarket bags, whatever I can attempt in that category. I can't fall asleep some nights thinking of all the things I'd like to try.

Sorry about the bad picture, shadows, etc.

Monday, May 19, 2008

wonderful two weeks . . .

First I got to babysit for my grandson Jason out in Massachusetts for 4 days. He and I had a lot of fun getting to know each other better. He is such a happy baby and now 1 years old. The weather was beautiful so we went outside quite a bit and he really enjoyed his new wagon which his Mom found at a garage sale.

While at was at my son's I snapped a picture of his 1955 truck, I just love it. This is my DH, daughter and son-in-law enjoying the beautiful day we had for my grandson's birthday.

a very special day . . .

Then I was home for two days and off on the road again for my son-in-law's college graduation in Maryland, very proud of him, it is hard to finish college while working full-time and being a great husband and dad. My daughter and he are expecting baby #3 at the end of June. What a great time for our family, so happy for them.

Hmm, now I need to get back to sewing or is it gardening I should be doing, maybe both, weed pulling is like therapy to me anyway, hehe. Do you notice how housecleaning never seems to make the list, oh well.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

finally . . .

Here is my quilt top from quilting 101 that I have been attending on Monday mornings for six weeks. I actually went for 5 weeks and doubled up last week because I am going out of town this afternoon. Anyway, it was definitely a learning experience and through the mistakes I made I will be better equipped for my next project. Later we will have a finishing class to add batting, the back, quilting and lastly binding but at least the top is done. It will be a wall hanging and possibly hang in our lake house. I also added a picture of the teacher's sample that we followed, she used batiks, so pretty. I will miss the women from the class, it was fun to encourage and help each other, but I have a feeling many of us will be back for other classes.

If you click you can see the fabrics better, but please excuse the yucky walls in the background. Our bedroom is almost empty because I stripped the wallpaper that we put up 25 years ago now. Now my 25 year old son will soon be painting it if I can ever choose a color. DH is holding the top for me, right in the middle of packing for a conference in Houston.

And the teacher's quilt . . .

With all the ott lights on in the room this picture is somewhat washed out so you can't see the true colors and the quilting, bummer.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

garage sale find

Our little town at the lake had a townwide garage sale today. I think there was less for sale because it was rainy and cool but I got a deal. All of this paper ribbon for $2. I am sure I will use most of it on gifts or cards.