Thursday, June 11, 2009

Changes old and new . . .

A new quilt for Grace.

Almost a month has gone by since I last wrote anything on here. I feel like I have been so busy. In that time I have done a little sewing, making this quilt as a gift for our newest granddaughter Grace. I used the pinks and blues from Moda's Snippets line and also added some Aunt Grace's reproduction prints from the 1930's. I had bought those in San Diego on our trip at Rosie's Calico Cupboard, an extremely large and well stocked quilt shop. I was just waiting for the baby to be born so I could decide how to use them. I used the directions from Moda Bakeshop and it was really fun to make. My daughter Courtney and daughter-in-law Katie both mentioned that they thought Grace would enjoy playing with the prairie points once she was old enough. I thought the prairie points were cute and that is the first time I have used them on a quilt, didn't even think about the play factor. I am getting a little better with the free motion quilting the more I do it, just love the crinkled look of the quilt after it is washed. I mistakenly ordered a layer cake when the directions called for a charm pack so I just cut the squares and really didn't have any waste so that was fine. Plus I still have lots of layer cake squares waiting for my next project, I am sure there will be one before long. Of course I need to get smocking a little dress for my new granddaughter.

I spent most of a week out at Jason and Holly's house and enjoyed my time with Jason, Jr. and Baby Grace.
Don't know that she will be a finger sucker, just asked my son to snap this pic because she looked so cute.
Nothing like snuggling with a newborn is there?

This was a visit with Jason to a nursery school sort of program he takes part in once a week, he loves it. Of course we also spent a morning at the Children's Discovery Museum once again.

In the midst of all this busyness I took a job at a diner waiting tables and counter for two days a week. The owner is a friend and she needed help so I decided to give it a try and if two weeks is a try that was what it was and then I told her it wasn't working out. I need to be able to go to see the kids and garden and SEW!! I felt badly leaving so quickly but this restaurant was so busy that I went home just exhausted, never mind the stress factor!! Thank you Jackie for the opportunity, sorry I couldn't keep up!

Just 18 days after Grace was born my niece Katie gave birth to a sweet baby girl, Amelia. This is her fourth daughter, she is following in the footsteps of her Mom and Dad, Audrey and John who also had four daughters. Here is a picture of the happy family. Following her labor through e-mails is so exciting, we find out the news so quickly and we hear wherever we live. We were so thankful for the safe delivery of this little one.

This past week my husband and I have been moving out of our home of 26 years as we moving to our home on the lake. The commute will be longer for my husband to the work so that is our only drawback but we are ready to live in one place and are looking for more rest and relaxation as the care of the two houses was getting to be just too much. My son and his father-in-law helped us and now most of our stuff is in the garage at the lake waiting to be sorted through. And it will wait as I go through it box by box at my pace. I want to enjoy our summer, they are pretty short here in upstate New York. Plus the grandchildren are growing so fast, we need time to enjoy them. Leanora is sitting up and so close to crawling, what a dear she is.
Leanora is just so happy and inquisitive at this age.

The good news is that my daughter Courtney, husband Adam and dear little Annabelle are moving into our family home. Her daughter will have the bedroom she had as a child. May God bless their family as he has blessed ours in this house. We had trials and tribulations as do all families but we do have so many wonderful, special times too. Courtney certainly knows how to make a house a home so before long they will be settled and enjoying their new home.
Annabelle and Mickey were watching Dora the Explorer together.

As I sit here looking out the window here at the lake I just saw a baby deer running after its' mother, possibly the smallest deer I have ever seen. They saw me and would not stick around long enough for a photo. As I continue to enjoy the bluebird nesting on our tree, the view of the lake and the mountains I once again realize how very thankful I am for all that God has given to my husband and I over the years, how he has protected each of my children and now my grandchildren, thanks be to God.