Friday, September 26, 2008

Can ya stand it???

My daughter Courtney told me recently she was taking her daughter to get her picture taken, she had delayed it due to a scratch on her face, and waiting for it to heal. I remember that kind of thing when my kids were little, a bruise the day they were visiting grandma or a bump on the head, a black eye, you name it, any of those things that make you feel like, "What kind of Mom am I?" Of course the truth is Grandmas just love their grandkids so much that they see past those little things to the cute little turned up nose, the beautiful eyes, the sweet little face. So I posted the picture above, I love it and think Annabelle looks like a angel, just look at that little mouth, so sweet! Scratch, what scratch???

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Broadway Bound . . .

On Saturday about 30 people in the Fitzgerald Family will be off to Broadway to see the play Wicked. Going to a Broadway play together became a family tradition after my husband's Mom passed away as something we did in memory of her. She loved NY City and Broadway shows. It has become more difficult as the family has grown but Walter's brother Christian organizes the whole night for us. We take a chartered bus into NY City from his house in NJ and have dinner at a restaurant of his choosing. Chris always finds us a good one! Then we go to the play and afterwards we stop in Greenwich Village for ice cream. It has gotten more difficult as the generations have expanded so not everyone is able to attend but we do our best. This year my daughter Megan and her husband Jeff are going to stay back at Christian's house and help watch babies, including their own and our niece Molly has a newborn son and a two year old daughter she needs to care for. Our niece Erin and her hubby Corey recently moved to Singapore so they will not be able to be with us. This is our first Mom's Night in 4 years and Walter's Dad was with us at the last one, we will miss him also! The baby shower is the next day at Christian's house where we will be joined by some of my extended family, we are truly blessed!

Didn't fall off the earth. . . .

Been really busy lately and with so much going on, (some I can post,some I cannot, surprises, surprises). One thing I have busy with is refurbishing the rocker above, we picked up at a garage sale. (Katie's colors for the babies room are black and white like the fabric, white with black polka dots and pink, really cool!)

We are giving my soon-to-be daughter-in-law Katie a shower on Sunday so I cannot reveal all of what I have been up to. Not only that but Katie comes to our house often and so I am always hiding things, hehe. Actually our family is giving her shower this weekend and in two weeks her family is giving her a shower so some of the secrets will continue.

Katie and Patrick, have gotten engaged and are pretty much glowing these days when they are not tired from work and pregnancy. They only have one childbirth class left and then one child first aid class! The time is starting to fly! If that is not enough and it really is, my husband and I are in the process of purchasing a sweet little old house which Pat and Katie intend to rent from us. I don't think I have ever said, "Could ya hurry?" to lawyers, house inspectors, etc. etc. as much as I have lately. They all say yes but life is a little laid back up her at the lake and I am not sure they know what hurry means.

We would like to see Patrick and Katie settled by the time the baby comes. That gives us about 40 days!!! Oh did I leave one detail out, Patrick and Katie will be married on October 25th, at our lakehouse, a date which was possible for every one of the four parents, one grandparent, 7 siblings, 3 spouses of siblings, and 5 grandchildren to be there. The wedding will be small with just our two families, but lovely I am sure. Katie is very organized where that is concerned so that helps immensely. It is very close to Katie's due date so we will pray they make it to their wedding, October 26th is a great day to go into labor! So in the month of October there will be a bit of extreme makeover things done to the house to make it wonderful and cozy for this family to be. (Anyone want to help?)

Afterward I may return to normalcy on this blog with more pictures and less chatter. As I sit here typing this we are going to have another beautiful day in the Adirondacks, the leaves are changing, this blog is definitely due for a picture!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Enjoying the last days of summer . . .

The weather is gorgeous, chilly at night (great for sleeping) but when the sun comes up and out it is warm and beautiful. The lake was glistening in my eyes yesterday as I tried to sew, couldn't stop looking at it. Most of the flowers in my yard are still pretty although some have faded as has some of the garden. I took some pictures yesterday and thought I would share, I will save the sewing ones for later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An award was sent my way . . . .

Valerie at Life's Little Garden gave me this award. Thank you so much Valerie!!!

It certainly makes me feel special. I wish I kept up with my blog as well as Valerie does but I will keep trying. Stop by and see Valerie's blog because it is so special and will give a lift to your day.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

A day trip up North . . . .

Walt and I took a ride up to Blue Mountain Lake to the Adirondack Museum. What a beautiful place, perennials blooming everywhere (all have little signs to tell you what they are). The Rustic Furniture Fair was going on and so that was an added treat, getting to see all of that beautiful furniture. Those that construct it are just getting more creative all the time. I took this picture of Walt out front in the big chair, thought he looked funny.

While Walt was inside reading about logging I was enjoying the beautiful day and wandering around to see if anything was new. I found a gorgeous lean-to all decked out with bright curtains, a fisherman's platform tent, another place where I could while away many hours and a beautiful garden fence as was once used in the early 1900's around the gardens in the Adirondacks.