Monday, May 10, 2010

May . . . . well I think it is, but it is cold!

I have neglected my blog for so long that I apologize to any of you who take the time to read it. There hasn't been a specific reason, I guess I was just doing other things and got busy with those things. I have taken the time to read blogs I enjoy myself, but not to write on here.

Back in March we celebrated our oldest granddaughter's 5th birthday. We got Joy an American girl doll for her birthday so I got to sew clothes for her doll. That was a lot of fun!
I told Joy that 5 years old was old enough to take good care of her new dolly and she thought so too. She named her Farrah. As you can see Joy had long brown hair and bangs just like Farrah.

A flannel nightgown

Some blue jeans, these photographed kinda funny but they are made from denim leftover from some old jeans.

A birthday dress, I made one similar for Joy, the birthday girl.

And a little sundress, it was fun to pull out lots of tiny trims and fabric pieces to make these. Many thanks to my sister Anne who picks up trims, laces, buttons, and rick rack from thrift shops for me. I have quite a collection now.

One other thing I got to sew was a costume for a production of Alice and Wonderland that was put on by a local middle school. I was assigned the Queen of Hearts. The costume came out okay but I really didn't like the fabric I worked with to make it, it of course was not the nice cottons I am used to but some polyester fabrics that were appropriate for the queen.
The women in charge of costumes decorated it with hearts and made it ready for the play.

Recently I finished this skirt for my granddaughter Trinity. It is a Pink Fig pattern and great way to use leftover quilt scraps to make something pretty.

Now with summer on its' way I turn my time to flowers and veggies and trying to do my best at that. The weather here in upstate NY has been beautiful this spring until last week and this week where we have been set back to cold temperatures and non-stop wind. Our beautiful lake which usually looks like a mirror is covered with white caps because the wind is blowing so hard. So I need to be patient and wait to plant some things I'd like to plant in the garden. I guess I can always sew!!!

I also have two pregnant daughters and my daughter-in-law who are pregnant. That is always on my mind as I love to sew for new babies and I to be there to help the new Moms with meals or by being there physically to help. Courtney is due very soon and Megan mid summer and Katie in the early fall so the summer will be busy with preparations I am sure.
These beautiful young women left to right are Kate & Lacey(my daughter Courtney's sister-in-laws on her husbands side), my daughter Courtney due on May 26th, Katie (my daughter-in-law) due September 23rd and Megan my daughter due on July 19th. This picture was snapped at a Sprinkle for Courtney which I guess is the newest word for a little shower that was given to Courtney back in April, so funny that they are all pregnant at the same time!

We just finished celebrating our grandson Jason's 3rd birthday and our granddaughter Grace's first birthday. They were both as sweet as could be and we had fun together as a family.

I made this shirt for Jason from a wonderful pattern that I recently bought. It is from the Scientific Seamstress . You can make this shirt for boys or girls and there are many ways to change it up depending on which way you run the panels and the fabrics that you choose. I found this great fabric with the airplanes in a Almost One of a Kind Quilt Shop in Ballston Spa, NY last fall I believe, I have been holding onto it for something special. If you are looking for different fabrics they had lots of those.

For Grace I made a little peasant dress from the Miss Madeline pattern. Once again this is a very versatile pattern that can be made many ways. I sewed her a little scarf to go with it.

Mother's Day was a lovely day spent going to church with our son Patrick, Katie and their sweet Leanora and then out to breakfast. Mother's Day is such an emotional day for me each year as I miss my own mother so much and wish she was still here. There are so many things that I would love to share with her. Of course she is safe in the hands of God so there is much to be thankful for! Now that I have two daughters who are Moms and two daughter-in-laws who are Moms I cannot but love watching them raise and care for their children. That is the a great gift to a Mom when you get to see that.

Well today is Monday, a beginning to this week at home and as always I have lots of sewing projects I would like to get to but there are always household things I would like to take care of, life is so full, how can anyone ever be bored. I hope to get back to keeping up with this blog better so once again I am sorry for being gone so long.