Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter is here and all the fun that comes with it . . . .

I guess it is official, yesterday was the first official day of winter. We love winter here in Northville, we love the snow, we are so happy when the ground is covered and the lake is frozen. The lake we live on is quite large, 29 miles long and 5 miles wide at the widest point so that is a lot of water to freeze solid enough so that it is safe enough to walk on and snowmobile on. My husband and I have not taken up snowmobiling yet or sledding as those that really do it call it but we do enjoy watching them buzzing by on the lake, just not yet, pretty soon the lake will be safe. We have been having weather in the single digits for the last week, really cold and down below zero at night so it will be frozen soon.

The picture above was taken by my brother-in-law Carl during the first real snow that we had and the first weekend of December. We invited my sister Anne and her husband Carl, my brother Barry and his wife Colleen and my sister-in-law Linda and her husband David to spend the weekend up here in the frozen north. I was so surprised when they all responded quickly that they would like to come. I thought everyone would be too busy getting ready for Christmas. What a fun weekend we had of resting, eating, laughing, talking and more talking truly catching up on each other's families. It had been so long since we had been together mostly due to the busyness of life. They came on Friday and stayed until late afternoon on Sunday and truthfully I hated to see them go. Carl took lots of pictures for us to enjoy.
The road leading up to our house, we live down a dirt road.
We girls having a giggle and me making a really strange face, sorry about that!
The guys posing outdoors for us.
Carl was walking around the hot tub taking pictures, I figure this one was safe to post. We all have suits on but not something we love to be photographed in.

Katie,Patrick and Courtney came by to share their kids with their aunts and uncles, they see so little of them that it was special. Anne and Carl brought gingerbread house kits for each of my children to build with their children. Thank you, that was so thoughtful!

Patrick read to the girls Lea Jeanne and Annabelle, they love the books!
Our tree is a little too big this year, I don't do well at estimating size when the tree is outdoors.