Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not a very good blogger

I really wanted to start a blog, but I also really wanted to paint my bedroom, and sew, and sew some more and then work on my garden, etc., etc., etc. My daughter said to me, "Mom, maybe you should cut something out". Of course she is correct but I just don't know what because I love some of those things so much. Getting called back into work has really thrown me for a loop because that has cut into my time quite a bit! Hmmm. That's the other factor, my daughter and her beautiful baby girl Annabelle. Courtney, Annabelle and I have started taking a long walk together once a week, don't want to cut that out either, it is too special. Last week we were walking and it was junk up week around here, everyone cleans out their garages and basements and puts it all at the edge of the road and then the town comes by to pick it up. While we were walking a found a wonderful basket, it will be perfect to collect vegetables this summer.

I am also not a very good blogger because Valerie tagged me and I failed miserably, really don't know who else to tag because I am so new at this, don't know many bloggers, just read a lot of them.

Valerie my six word meme is "Love makes my world go round." So sorry it took me so long to post that. That should have been easy, the love of my Lord Jesus Christ and that of my husband and my family is what makes my world what it is, pretty terrific.

My son Jason and my daughter-in-law Holly took my grandson Jason to his first baseball game, looks like he enjoyed his nap on Daddy.

Last night I made a little shirt for him. I love the fabric with the little turtles or honu as they are called in Hawaii, so cute. I think the fabric is from Timeless Treasures.I am going to his house for a week to babysit starting on Sunday and then at the end of the week our family will gather to celebrate his first birthday. This will be special for me because I don't get to spend much time with him. Hope he gets to know me well and isn't shy of me. I plan to take lots of walks with him in the stroller, hope the weather is good. The other reason I am sewing like crazy is because my husband bought me a very special birthday gift. This will be the last sewing machine I ever get, I will never need another. The only thing this doesn't do is cook dinner for us. I think I am going to attempt some knits or terry cloths, some things that I have always avoided.

I have been sewing up a storm with it, mostly kids clothes, they are so fast it is instant gratification.
For Tessa, and for Joy, little dresses.

Monday, April 21, 2008

more sewing for kids

Spring means cute little outfits for babies. I find it hard to sew now because I want to be outside. With the windows open and the breeze blowing the curtains it was fine to be inside. This is a gift for a friend, my favorite part is the pockets, love the tie through them. Always love making the bloomers because they always look so cute on babies. This picture looks dark but if you click on it you can see it better.

I have more projects ahead, I decided to cut them out all at once over the weekend, which is my least favorite part, but the fun part, the sewing is ahead.

I have quilting class this morning, can't wait! I always feel a little dumb in class, seem to make mistakes, but I keep my seam ripper handy.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life Can Be Sooo Busy

I am retired but was asked to substitute at work this week. It was funny being back after a year off. I was dreading it, sure that I would not be able to remember things and that they had changed procedures since I left. However, as soon as my fingers hit the keyboard the dust bunnies in my brain shook loose and I was okay. Sure I had to ask some questions, but not too many, what a relief.

Of course I had just started taking wallpaper down in my bedroom after it was up there for about 25 years so I was determined to finish that task. Scraping my way through it at 6:30 in the morning wasn't fun, but it is off! Now to choose a paint color.

It seems like most of the blogs I visit are showing spring flowers these days, even summer flowers, it is killing me because where I live we get a taste of Spring and then just like that I am back to sitting under the afghan on the couch trying to keep warm and it's April!!! Okay, I have lived here for 25 years so I should be used to this by now but oh well. So here is a picture of a poor little daffodil in my garden trying to grow but shivering in the cold rain. I'm still waiting for a dry day to start cleaning up the garden.

So with the chilly weather comes bootie crocheting, boy are these fun and fast and so cute on my granddaughter. My daughter put them on over those little stay on socks and the booties stay put that way. I know at least five young women who are pregnant right now so the booties make great gifts along with those wonderful burp cloths.
I have also been busy sewing, my favorite thing to do. I finally got around to making this dress, from the directions here. I picked up the shirt at the Salvation Army for $3 and I can't wait to see it on one of my granddaughters, hope it fits.
The back, made from the front of the men's shirt.
And the front, my husband said what kind a man would wear a shirt like that?? He, he, such a man comment!
I knew I'd find a use for all those yo yos that I made years ago, they look so sweet on kids clothes.