Sunday, June 1, 2008

phew, home again, home again . . .

My husband and I spent friday and saturday driving all over the place to 10 quilt shops! It was a shop hop and it was fun for a lot of reasons. I know you are probably thinking, how could this man go to all those shops? He must be a saint, (he is). He was my driver and at each shop he was able to take some time to grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, and sit and read while I browsed.
We played a game as we went, each shop choosing a movie and giving us trivia questions to go along with that theme. In Woodstock the employees were all dressed as Nuns, and it was a bit startling as you turned a corner and there was a woman or a man dressed as a nun. Can you guess the movie?
At the Quiltbug in Esperance the Movie was It's a Wonderful Life, one of my dear husband's favorites. As we had a cup of coffee and chatted it was playing in the background, much to our surprise in Chinese!
The shop in Lee, MA chose the movie Mash. They had an medical tent set up outside their shop. We probably clocked over 300 miles on our car and I know you must think we are crazy with the price of gas but we got to see some beautiful areas of NY and Massachusetts as our GPS took us down back roads. Chatham, NY is gorgeous with rolling hills and the Berkshire Mountains and the town of Red Hook has not one but two coffee shops. While in Massachusetts we stopped to have lunch here and even sat in a rocking chair on their massive porch for a few moments until we continued on.
The last shop Adirondack Quilts is housed in Glens Falls, NY in a building that once housed a shirt making factory. There are 3 floors in that old building with lots of art galleries for so many different mediums. Each shop was different, had a character of its' own and it was amazing to see a variety of fabrics as we went with very little repetition. Some I may never get back to but many of them I know I will keep in mind if I am ever in their neck of the woods, if just to see some of the lovely employees and shop owners that we chatted with along the way!
So now I will have lots of projects ahead, I may need to pick up some things but I think I should put a freeze on my spending for awhile.


Valerie said...

Grandchild #5 and #6! Oh my! I am on #4! Yes, I am impressed with your husband! That is great. I know you had a wonderful time but it is always good to come home.

Needled Mom said...

How fun is that???? Our Quilt run is coming up in July and I can't wait. It is over two weekends.

Audrey Lois said...

I bet you had a blast!!!!