Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Busy, busy, busy . . . .

As I wrote last week we had a wonderful trip to New York City to see a Broadway show. My brother-in-law Christian did the organizing and the trip was enjoyed by all.

This is Christian up front on the bus, you can tell by his smile how excited he was for all of us.

This is my niece Tara and my son Jason.

This is myself, my sister-in-laws, Peggy and Audrey,who is the amazing photographer.

This is my daughter-in-law Holly holding our newest member Joseph.

This is my granddaughter Joy and Maura, Tara's daughter dressed as Glinda.

My sister-in-law Audrey took all these fabulous photos. I wish I could post every one that she took, they are so great. Please go use the link to see more of these pictures. You will also enjoy a visit to Audrey's blog at any time to see great photos.

While we were at Christian's house my children took my husband and I aside to give us a gift of a photo of all five of my grandchildren. Little did we know that our son Jason and his wife Holly wanted to also tell our family that their second baby is on the way, we were all so excited, they surprised me this time around for sure. They are parents to Jason, Jr. who is almost 17 months old and now in May they will have another baby. I need to change my profile on this blog!!!

The next morning we had a lovely time showering Katie with gifts for the new baby.

The day was so special from the devotion Holly, Megan and Courtney shared to the yummy food, beautiful gifts, etc. It was really something! I hope Katie felt loved, I think she did. Family came from many directions and as always I didn't get to chat enough with everyone. I am so thankful for each of these relatives, I hope they know how much it means to me as a Mom.

While this was going on the men in the family showered my son Patrick at a nearby restaurant in a manner of speaking. They gave him a surprise Tool Party. Patrick has started a painting business and they gave him many tools of the trade plus lots of other great tools and some other gag gifts. I think Patrick was very touched by the special time with all the guys in the family.

Now I am down in Maryland where I have been since Sunday night. Our daughter Megan had knee surgery on Wednesday and I have been here to help where I can with some care of their children Joy, Tessa and Trinity, and to do some housework and cooking. I have also been trying to help Megan with her care too. It has been a busy time but I am so thankful to be here to help. Unfortunately earlier today I backed their car into a neighbor's car that was parked adjacent from their driveway. I am embarrassed and feel so bad that they will have to have their car repaired (hope their insurance doesn't go up!) The neighbor was more than gracious and now she is also going to have to take her car in to be repaired. This was kinda a bummer after all the great things that have been going on lately.


Audrey Lois said...

Hi Susan: What a bummer about the car, glad no one got hurt and that the neighbor was gracious! Try to get as much rest as you can so you don't get sick! You will be rewarded for all that you give to the Heath's this week! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Great writeup...need to add a new little blumping baby on the side :)

Katie said...

the shower was amazing! family, food, and so many wonderful things for our little girl! thanks again for everything, what a special day!

Erin said...

Aunt Sue,
Loved reading about Katie's shower and Mom's Night - we sure missed everyone!!!! What a night full of memories!