Thursday, October 30, 2008

Itching to get sewing . . .

Life has been so busy for us with the house, the wedding, etc., etc. Now that things are calming down and now that I have actually had 8 hours of sleep last night I am itching to sew. I didn't sleep much up until the wedding so I was in a state of tired, I don't sew well when too tired. The one thing about not sleeping is it gives me time for praying, so the time awake is not wasted.

Anyway on the way back from Maryland at the beginning of October my husband and I stopped at IKEA so I could buy some fabric.

The fabrics are so much fun. The striped on is from my garage sale hunting son and daughter-in-law, I must have ten yards of that. I love the big prints of the IKEA fabrics, maybe I will make tote bags or some other kind of bags or . . .

My friend Jean from my work gave me this fabulous apron book, no reason, just her thoughtful way of living, giving gifts for no reason. She also sent along two beautiful books for the new baby soon to be born. Thank you Jean!!!

Before I start all this sewing however I need to embroider names on Megan's family's Christmas stockings, and fix a snap on Jason, Jr.'s pants and finish a Christmas stocking that was cross stitched for Jason by an aunt but she didn't feel she could assemble it. There are always things to do and sew.

I wish I had passed on my sewing genes to my daughters. Megan says she can't but I know she can, she is just busy with 3 little ones. Courtney has started to make quilts and is getting braver. Recently she made a baby quilt for her sister-in-law. I taught her how to sew on a binding and she did a fabulous job. She learned that she enjoys handsewing too which she really has never done. I feel like it is therapy sometimes and she now knows how I feel.


Needled Mom said...

Love all the wonderful fabrics.

Like you, I absolutely love to spend time sewing. It is such a relaxing thing to do when life is so hectic.

Also, like you, my sewing genes did not get passed on to my daughter. I tried!!!! She knows how, but doesn't enjoy it like I do. :~( I do have granddaughters who LOVE it so guess that will give me great pleasure as I watch them grow up loving it.

Audrey Lois said...

The fabrics look perfect for all of your upcoming sewing projects!