Monday, October 13, 2008

October weekend . . .

I attended two baby showers, one for my daughter's sister-in-law, and the other for Katie. Katie received this very interesting gift, can you tell what it is a first glance? This was done by a friend from Canada I believe.
Annabelle made a new friend, her name is Emma Rose and she was six months old and very sweet.
I made Katie a wall hanging for the baby's room using some of the theme colors. Katie and Patrick love kittys and I knew this one wouldn't be any trouble for them.

The weather was amazing over the weekend and the moon was almost full. Went out to look at the sunset and caught the moon rising over my shoulder.

The Adirondack chairs will have to be put away soon, they are very old and seem to need a new replacement board each year. They don't do well in the snow. We actually leave some plastic ones out to sit down and put our snowshoes on.

I love that time of day when all the trees look black. Ah autumn, don't you love it, I do?


Audrey Lois said...

It sounds like you had a perfect fall weekend! Is Katie holding a picture of her ultrasound???

Rosemarie said...

Sue - is that a pillow? It looks embroidered!

Erin said...

i was thinking the same thing as my mom - is it an ultrasound? please do tell! annabelle is too cute for words!

and yes, i DO love fall too and miss it so much!

Valerie said...

Ultrasound is what I was going to guess. That is really amazing.