Thursday, November 13, 2008

A little Christmas sewing . . .

Ah, a day sewing always makes me feel alive, guess I've said that many times before. Today is cold and it is pouring rain so today may be another day to sew. Glad it's rain and not snow. I heard Buffalo had 10 inches earlier this week, a little too soon for me. Since we are four hours east of Buffalo I'm not sure what happens to the snow between there and here but I am just not ready yet. I will be after Thanksgiving. We usually go and get our Christmas tree that weekend and not having too much snow on the ground makes it a little easier walking, of course having snow on the ground puts everyone in the "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas mood".

Anyway I made this dress for Annabelle, not sure if Mom and Dad will like it, or if it will fit perfectly, but the joy of making it makes it all worthwhile to me.

This is the first time I put piping on a collar! Those of you that do it all the time are probably saying big deal, and truly it was not very hard to do. After I sewed the piping on I just used the stitching line from it to follow for the other side of the collar, it was easy! I also made some pantaloons out of the white, I think I will make regular panties too so they can have a choice.

My lovely Bernina is past due for its' 6 month checkup, when we bought it we were lectured about not doing that and here we are past due. Since this is the time of year that I just love to sew some gifts I can't give it up!! Not now. But maybe after Christmas. Maybe I will send my husband it with it to the store, they won't holler at him, he,he,he.

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Audrey Lois said...

Lovely dress! I am sure Annabelle will LOVE it! Can't wait to see her in it.