Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some fixin' and a tutorial

I tried the new dress on Annabelle yesterday. Turns out it didn't fit her so well, I was a little disappointed but I decided to be brave and fix it. I added sash type ties to the back which pulled it in and now I think it will fit better plus it really is cuter.

I also made a little hat. I don't think she will keep it on but maybe we can distract her for a second and take a picture.

I don't know how many times I have heard people say they can't tie a bow so I thought I would post my very first tutorial on how I do just that. Hope it helps!

Criss cross the ties, left over right.

Bring the left tie under and place it out of the way.

Bring the tie which is now on the left up and pinch a loop facing to the right.

Bring the tie down that was out of the way over the loop.

Bring it under and pull a loop out to the left.

Adjust the loops and ta da! Gorgeous bow.


Anonymous said...

The dress looks beautiful Mom! Thank you! And a hat too? How cute! I went through the tutorial - hopefully I can get the bow to look as nice as you did. The photo of Trin is adorable too, getting so big. ~Courtney

Needled Mom said...

I really like the addition of the ties. And the hat???? Too cute.

Rosemarie said...

Oh my gosh - it IS the perfect bow. I have to go practice now ...

erin said...

i have been at home ALL Good Friday while Corey got called into work and have been working on a fabric covered magnetic board for our kitchen (our fridge isnt magnetic) to hang family pics (and all the kiddie's wallet sized school pics). anyway, i came on here JUST to learn how to tie the perfect bow b/c i remembered you had posted about this awhile back!!! THANK YOU - it worked fantastically!!