Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some things different . . .

One of my favorite Christian Bands is Jars of Clay, I have so many favorites. Anyway, I am on their mailing list that tells tour information, etc., etc. (Why is it that they never tour around here!!!) Charlie Lowell, one of the members of the band has started a blog that will run up until Christmas.

Here is what Charlie said, "Every day from November 30 through December 25th I will post a new Advent/Christmas poem by various poets and authors. I always love the idea of Advent- waiting and anticipating the Coming of the Christ-child, but December ends up being one of the busiest and most manic months of the year. So this is my attempt to slow down a little bit, and use these poems as a tool to be aware and thoughtfully "wait". It may or may not be your thing, but i hope you'll pop in and check it out. I promise it won't get too weird.

His blog is

I like his idea of slowing down during this time up until Christmas. Jars of Clay made me aware of Blood Water Mission which you can read about below.

Okay, on the other hand I wanted to share a video from

My sister-in-law posted it and I really liked it. Lately, the way we overdo at Christmas has been on my mind so much. I have been sewing a lot and the tv has been droning in the background and I have heard way too much of the news. I guess sometimes I blindly ignore it because it is all so bad. Anyway besides reading that one child in Africa dies every minute I heard that in Zimbawe the age expectancy is 34 for women, 37 for men. They have NO clean water is what they said on the news!!! If you'd like to help there are many ways.

Here are some. Buy earring for $10, $8 of it goes to building wells in Africa. Trying to build 1000 wells in Africa, they are up to 340 since 2004! Living Water International


"People are dying from the lack of clean water. In fact, it's the leading cause of death in under resourced countries. 1.8 million people die every year from water born illnesses. That includes 3,900 children a day. The solution to this problem is directly beneath our feet. Drilling a fresh water well is a relatively inexpensive, yet permanent solution to this epidemic. $10 will give a child clean water for life. That's not an estimate. It's a fact. And here's another fact: Solving this water problem once and for all will cost about $10 billion. Not bad considering Americans spent $450 billion on Christmas last year."

To see the Advent Conspiracy video go to the web page for one that is not cut off.

Okay well that's it for me for tonight. Think about it, $1 can help.

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Anonymous said...

That last statistic is incredible regarding the cost of fixing this lack of water problem compared to how much Americans spend on Christmas! Unbelievable - wow. Great post Mom. I will check out Charlie's blog. ~Court