Thursday, January 22, 2009

A sweet little jacket, a little bread and a grandson . . . .

Oh I really am having fun sewing this week. I finally got around to working on a little jacket for Leanora from this pattern. A while back I had made some pants for Tessa and Joy from this pattern, also by Jackie Clarke. If you click on this link take a stroll through the gallery on Farmhouse Fabrics, such delightful childrens' clothes. The service from this store based in South Carolina is amazing. Use them and you will be very pleased. While I am at it I should also mention Karen Faylor, another great place for an online order, especially if you like to smock. Karen is another wonderful person to talk to, she is very helpful. I think I should make up a list for the side of my page with the online stores that I like to use. The customer service you get online is truly personal.

I have been making lots of burp cloths, some as gifts, a few to sell and so I have accumulated lots of flannel along with scraps left over from the blankets I have been making for LifeSavers Ministry. I lined it with minky so it is so soft. Minky is a little slippery but so cuddly soft. This was smooth minky, without the bumps so it worked perfectly. Not that you couldn't use the bumpy minky. It really is great to use some of these many scraps that I hang onto, some I thought were too small for anything but between repairing the quilt and making this jacket it has been fun to see how well things that I already have go together. Maybe I will post a picture later of LJ (that's what her Mommy calls her sometimes), wearing it, if she isn't already too big. She is growing so fast!

In addition to sewing I have gone bread machine crazy. My daughter Megan gave the machine to my husband years ago and I never used it, if it did get used it would be because I would pick up a mix in the store for Walt and he would make us some bread. Well he brought it up to the lake and after Christmas I went soup and bread making crazy. So far I have made cinnamon raisin, corn bread, regular white bread, old fashioned buttermilk and honey wheat! I never knew how easy it was, five minutes is all it takes to put all the ingredients in! I guess you are all wondering where I have been since the 1990's but I am afraid that the bread machine was just gathering dust since then, sorry Megan. There are recipes all over the web (have I mentioned we lost the book that came with it) but one of my favorite places for a recipe is here.

I am really flying high tonight because my husband and I are heading out tomorrow to see the little man pictured below, just 20 months and already on ice skates. Oh by the way, I think he does wear a helmet when he skates too. I have really missed him and can't wait to see him. Have a great weekend, I know I will.
Jason, Nana and Papa will see you soon and we can have a date with something Melissa and Doug!


Valerie said...

Oh this is so sweet! I have been trying to get to my sewing machine all week. I hope to do it tomorrow.

Audrey Lois said...

Have a great weekend with JJ!!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds as though you had a very productive and fun week. I love all the links you provided. I do not use my bread machine as much as I should either.