Saturday, April 4, 2009

March was a busy month and now it is gone with the wind . . .

In the middle of March we got down to Maryland for a few days to help celebrate Joy's birthday, 4 years old. I got to spend time with each child quite a bit and that is always what I need. Below are numerous pictures from our visit and a trip to Ikea. That place is so kid friendly it was an easy place to visit, starting with feeding them lunch.

We had lots of fun. I got two out of three girls in their new dresses. They are a little big but will be great this summer. Hard to photograph these girls, they are always moving.

On to Chuckie Cheese for Joy's party. I was honestly not sure I would enjoy Chuckie Cheese but the party was run so well by the employees, and all the moms and dads stay so all is very safe. I think the kids had a blast.

It was a lot of fun and then the party at home was great. Joy was so sweet opening her gifts and so appreciative. The biggest squeal came with the bicycle!

Whoops I put this picture on twice, sorry. I am leaving it, been fighting with blogger and lost the whole post once so it's staying, hehe.

We did get over to see Miss Leanora when we got home, what a cutie, she has the prettiest blue eyes which I never seem able to capture, the photos often come out with red eye. I have tried to fix them here.

The rest of this month has been filled with sewing. We are having a garage sale the first weekend in May and I thought I would attempt to sell some of my creations also. Mostly I want to get rid of clutter that has filled our house.

Pincushions in flowerpots, they wer fun to make with all the different trims I have stashed away. Now I know why I keep every little piece of ribbon and lace.

Embellished bibs from Ikea, I just love this fabric from Alexander Henry it is called Smiles Around the World. I don't think it is being made anymore, I bought it off of Ebay.

Lots of tissue cozies, once again, those scraps come in handy.

Doll quilts, practice for my attempt at free motion quilting.
Some embroidered sachets with balsam needles inside, they smell just like the Adirondacks.

And there has been a little more sewing for the grandkids. I made the cap and shirt for Jason, I have been wanting to for such a long time. I made the hat out of jeans, felt good about recycling and the denim is so soft.

The cap is the Eddie Cap from Mushroom Villagers Blog. Can't wait to try another, maybe some for the girls in something more feminine.

Last but not least a dress and bonnett for Leanora, I think I have to admit my fingers are tired.


Audrey Lois said...

great pics of the grandkids and your sewing projects!

Marcia said...

Wow! Wow! Have you ever been a busy bee. I love the totes and the balsam sachets. The girls look so cute in their smocked dresses. So many great things in this post! You're sure to be a success at your sale.

Valerie said...

Your treasures don't need to be in a yard sale. They are wonderful. The children are precious!

Erin said...

Hi AS, I don't know if I can remember all the great things I wanted to write as I read your post...WOW...ok first of all, that first pic of Bellie reminded me of Court (I know everyone always says Adam...and this was a new, exciting shock to me - it was the eyes!). Then all the sweet pics of Joy's bday party - how precious. THEN the garage sale items, which are SOOOO not garage sale items....amazing! i love ALL of your work so much....then sweet LJ - wow is she a beauty or what? life sure seems great for you! so happy for ya

Sister Anne said...

Again I am so impressed with your creations. Please place your things in a craft shop or show. not a garage sale! I love the little flower pot pin cushions and bibs. So nice to see all the new pictures of the kids. I'll have to make a stop at Ikea when we go north again and look for things for you. I am wondering if I should deliver the big box of sewing things before or after your garage sale?

Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW MOM! I REALLY enjoyed looking at everything and look forward to seeing it in person. The flowerpot pin cushions are GREAT - REALLY cute! Everything is cute. The bonnet and blue dress are incredibly sweet and will just look amazing on Leanora - she is so pretty. That picture you took of Trinity sleeping is GORGEOUS - she is a sweetie too. Fun post Mom! ~Courtney