Friday, May 1, 2009

Big brother turns two, well almost . . .

My grandson Jason who will be two on May 9th was celebrated a little early this year because his Mom Holly is due with #2 on May 12th. Getting the family together can be difficult but my daughter Megan drove a long way with her 3 daughters to be there.

Megan said lets get a family pic and her daughter Joy, age 4 jumped in, it is so cute I think. We took another without her but I just love how happily she popped into the picture.

My son Jason put this cake together, Holly baked many cakes and Jason did the assembly and the artwork that turned it into a dump truck, the theme was Construction Friends, it was really cute.

Trinity and Leanora are five months apart, I'm sure they'll grow to be buddies.
Tessa and Annabelle always end up side by side. It's pretty special having six grandchildren 6 months old to 4 years old and with a new one due soon we are so excited!


Audrey Lois said...

Looks like a great time!

Erin said...

love the pics of the sweet pretty girlies and adorable jj. that story about joy made me crack up! ha