Friday, May 15, 2009

A whirlwind of a couple weeks, but life is very special . . .

May continued to be a busy month especially in the last two weeks. We held our garage sale. It was a lot of fun, met a lot of great people, unloaded lots of "stuff" and just plain enjoyed the day. My daughter-in-law Katie made three kinds of cookies and I made one kind and some muffins and we sold most of them (people get hungry when they go garage saleing). Katie also made two pies, the first one was a strawberry rhubarb and it sold in seconds and the other apple crumb went later in the day, so we didn't get to eat any of it, hehe. I sold some of my tote bags and burp cloths but all in all people were not looking to buy handmade things.
My son Patrick exhibited his Adirondack furniture that he has been building with his father-in-law Joe, and people would pause and tell him how much they loved it, but once again they were looking for the 25 cent deal.

The weekend after the garage sale we traveled to Maryland to celebrate the dedication of our granddaughter Trinity.
What a sweetie she is!
I think my daughter Megan, her Mommy and she look so much alike.
She was happy to have her shoes off afterward to wiggle her toes in the grass. Trinity Rose will be 1 year old in June and she is getting ready to walk.
Big sisters Tessa and Joy loved running around the putting green. I was suprised they didn't mind at the golf course but the owners just smiled. What is it about kids and wide open spaces, they loved it. Jeff wore his pink tie for his special day with all his girls.
Our daughter made the trip to Maryland with us, her husband Adam had to work so it was nice Annabelle and she could travel with us.
Dad and his beautiful daughters!

We took advantage of the beautiful though windy day to get some pictures out on the putting green. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at a golf course.

My husband and son-in-law Jeff spent Saturday building a great swingset for the three girls Joy, Tessa and Trinity and on Sunday we celebrated Trinity and Mother's Day. It was a wonderful weekend!
The swingset was a big hit as is obvious by this picture.
Courtney's daughter Annabelle also loved the swingset, just love how cute she looks in her popsicle dress.

No sooner were we back home and not quite settled in when we got the call that Holly was in labor and Jason and she were on their way to the hospital. We are praising God for a much easier delivery than her first for Holly (not that any is easy) and a brand new granddaughter Grace Elizabeth. What a sweetie she is and the first meeting between big brother Jason,Jr. and Grace was beautiful. It was so neat the way Jason wanted to hold the baby so much. My daughter Courtney was also there to visit with us and her daughter Annabelle who is not even two years old loved her chances at holding the baby.
First picture of Mom, Dad and Grace Elizabeth after she was born.
Jason, Jr. came to meet his baby sister.Jason giggled when asked if he'd like to kiss her. He is very serious about holding her that's for sure. I got a kick out of how still he was because this is one busy guy, but when it came to holding his sister and sat very still.

We think she is quite the beauty.
Courtney and Annabelle came along, I think Aunt Courtney is smitten.
Annabelle decided she too loved her baby cousin although she did not let go of a balloon that she was clutching, so funny.

Nana and Papa couldn't wait to get their hands on sweet sleepy Grace Elizabeth.
So now we are back home for awhile and the list is a mile long of things I would like to accomplish. My garden for one is waiting to be planted, I know that might sound crazy to you girls who live down south but it is only safe to plant things like tomatoes at the end of May.

In the meantime I am trying to finish some UFO's. The first is a stacked coins quilt, that was pinned and waiting for me for at least a month or more.

It was fun to make and I think the white sashing really shows off the other colors. The teddy bear fabric is from Timeless Treasures and is just adorable. I was a little undecided about the binding, and went back and forth between the blue and the polka dot but the polka dots won out because I loved how it looked with the backing.


Audrey Lois said...

I am ready for a nap after reading this post! I thought people had a hard time keeping up with our family! WHOA!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mom! Big Post and fun to read! Great pics and a great update. LOVE the stacked coin quilt too - really really cool and cute! I love the contrast of the white with the colors - looks great. ~Courtney

Marcia said...

What a lovely family. So much joy!Congrats on the new grandbaby.

Anne said...

I agree with Audrey, it is exhausting to read about all your activities, and wonderful sewn creations. You are doing beautifully with the photographs of the families as well. I enjoyed looking at Pat's furniture as well. Good job, Pat, and good luck with selling them.