Monday, April 21, 2008

more sewing for kids

Spring means cute little outfits for babies. I find it hard to sew now because I want to be outside. With the windows open and the breeze blowing the curtains it was fine to be inside. This is a gift for a friend, my favorite part is the pockets, love the tie through them. Always love making the bloomers because they always look so cute on babies. This picture looks dark but if you click on it you can see it better.

I have more projects ahead, I decided to cut them out all at once over the weekend, which is my least favorite part, but the fun part, the sewing is ahead.

I have quilting class this morning, can't wait! I always feel a little dumb in class, seem to make mistakes, but I keep my seam ripper handy.


Needled Mom said...

What a darling outfit. I, too, like the pockets. What pattern is that? I have some granddaughters that would look cute in that one.

Hope you had a good time in quilting class. Seam rippers are my best friend!! LOL

Valerie said...

This outfit is so precious. I just love your blog. I have tagged you for a six word memoir. Go to my blog to see the rules. Please don't feel obligated to play. Have fun at your quilting class. I cannot wait to hear all about it.