Wednesday, July 9, 2008

it was a long holiday weekend . . . .

But it was a good one. The weather was spectacular, each day better then the next so no complaints here. We didn't go to the fireworks on Thursday, Friday or Saturday night but we did watch our neighbors shows which were quite amazing. Where do people get all those fireworks and isn't it expensive? Because we have a panoramic view we could see fireworks in many directions, it was quite a show. We tried out our new free standing fire ring that Meg and Jeff gave Walt for Father's Day and it was a success, our smores came out just right.

Courtney, Annabelle, Patrick and Katie were here quite a bit, unfortunately Adam had to work. But he was here Thursday and on Sunday afternoon for awhile, which made his ride to work pretty long, thanks for coming Adam.

We also went to the 4th of July parade in Northville, a first for us and it was fun. Sacandaga Park, where Pat lived for the last year had their own float so we went along to see them. Their theme was Elvis lives and there were many Elvis' on board.

On Saturday night we went back to Northville to see the Christian band Unspoken, they were fabulous, got a cd. They also did the Praise music in church on Sunday, hope they come back next year! Annabelle had her first ride in the boat and first wearing of a life jacket, no protests and she fell right to sleep. Walt, Courtney and I went to the fireworks Sunday night by boat, it was fun, but honestly, I almost fell asleep after the busy weekend. The finale woke me up.

Megan will be shocked to know we didn't go out for ice cream until Sunday night, now that is truly amazing for this group. But Katie made this gorgeous cake.

It was red velvet with real whipped cream and fresh strawberries and blueberries, delish. I had it for breakfast on Monday!

This is Henry, Court and Adam's friend's baby, I guess Annabelle and he have an arranged marriage but I think Annabelle is thinking, can I have my boat back please? His Mom brought him up to visit on Sunday.

Katie brought Connor up on Sunday, he is 2 1/2 years old and such a cutie. She has cared for Connor since he was an infant while his Mom works. He renamed the Great Sacandaga Lake to Pat's lake, and justifiably so don't ya think? He is pretty crazy about Pat.

Courtney lost her wallet in Northville while we were at the concert or the parade, we are not sure but happily someone turned it in to the police. I'm thinking she may have lost it at the concert. Thank you Lord. It was a great weekend.

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Katie said...

it was such a great weekend! thanks again for having konnor and i up to visit!