Wednesday, July 9, 2008

two posts today . . .

Okay, so I haven't been blogging much, I have been sewing, a lot, making this and that. Just went out to wander around the yard and snap some pics. I get stiff sitting too long and the breeze coming off the lake is refreshing. It has been really humid and my joints ache, that is no fun but the garden is.
The first one is Snow on the Mountain, my brother Barry gave it to me, it is prolific but pretty. This second picture is blurry sorry, gotta hold that camera still! The next planter my sister gave me last summer, very Adirondacky.

I love the way the dark tobacco vine contrasts with the coleus and the impatiens, so pretty, some of my favorites.

Whoops don't know why Joy's tile is turned but I think Jason, Jr. and Trinity need to hurry on over to the ceramic store, j/k. I do love these because they are all very sweet.

Decided to try pink nasturiums this year. I love nasturiums! They seem so old fashioned and dear to me. Not many flowers yet, you can only see one above. I heard they like it on the dry side.

The raspberries are doing okay, just year two, I keep picking them and eating them. But the sugar snap peas are bursting and there will be many!

The lettuce, salad bowl, so pretty and the basil, smells so good and the onions, still growing. The lettuce isn't going to last much longer, it is getting too hot out.

Ah the yellow crookneck and the zucchini! Can't wait, especially if Katie is around to cook the zucchini, she made some this past weekend with fresh breadcrumbs, etc., so delish.

Will ya look at all the flowers on the green beans, they have just started to produce and there will be lots, hope I can give some away. Green beans are my favorite veggie, love em raw or cooked, crunchy or overcooked, just plain love em!


Katie said...

love the pictures of your garden. i think pat and i are coming up tonight, so i can see it all for myself tomorrow! i love the look and smell of a garden!

Anonymous said...

Barry and Colleen came here last night from Seaside Park and we had a catch as catch can grilled dinner. I enjoyed it. They said they were eating very well from your garden when they went to the lake. My produce is a mix - some good, and some not but well worth the trouble.