Thursday, September 25, 2008

Broadway Bound . . .

On Saturday about 30 people in the Fitzgerald Family will be off to Broadway to see the play Wicked. Going to a Broadway play together became a family tradition after my husband's Mom passed away as something we did in memory of her. She loved NY City and Broadway shows. It has become more difficult as the family has grown but Walter's brother Christian organizes the whole night for us. We take a chartered bus into NY City from his house in NJ and have dinner at a restaurant of his choosing. Chris always finds us a good one! Then we go to the play and afterwards we stop in Greenwich Village for ice cream. It has gotten more difficult as the generations have expanded so not everyone is able to attend but we do our best. This year my daughter Megan and her husband Jeff are going to stay back at Christian's house and help watch babies, including their own and our niece Molly has a newborn son and a two year old daughter she needs to care for. Our niece Erin and her hubby Corey recently moved to Singapore so they will not be able to be with us. This is our first Mom's Night in 4 years and Walter's Dad was with us at the last one, we will miss him also! The baby shower is the next day at Christian's house where we will be joined by some of my extended family, we are truly blessed!


Audrey Lois said...

Can't wait, but will be missing Erin and Corey greatly!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like you have been one very busy lady. I love the refurbished rocker. I know it will be put to good use in the coming weeks.

Wouldn't it be funny if our grandbabies were both born the same day? Our is due on the 20th. It would be terrible to be in labor the same day.

Like your Katie's anticipated move, our Katie is also in escrow for their first home. It will be a hectic move with the baby due too.

I love NYC and the Broadway plays. I am so jealous. Can I be a family member too?????

Have a wonderful shower. We all look forward to lots of pictures of all the surprises.