Thursday, September 25, 2008

Didn't fall off the earth. . . .

Been really busy lately and with so much going on, (some I can post,some I cannot, surprises, surprises). One thing I have busy with is refurbishing the rocker above, we picked up at a garage sale. (Katie's colors for the babies room are black and white like the fabric, white with black polka dots and pink, really cool!)

We are giving my soon-to-be daughter-in-law Katie a shower on Sunday so I cannot reveal all of what I have been up to. Not only that but Katie comes to our house often and so I am always hiding things, hehe. Actually our family is giving her shower this weekend and in two weeks her family is giving her a shower so some of the secrets will continue.

Katie and Patrick, have gotten engaged and are pretty much glowing these days when they are not tired from work and pregnancy. They only have one childbirth class left and then one child first aid class! The time is starting to fly! If that is not enough and it really is, my husband and I are in the process of purchasing a sweet little old house which Pat and Katie intend to rent from us. I don't think I have ever said, "Could ya hurry?" to lawyers, house inspectors, etc. etc. as much as I have lately. They all say yes but life is a little laid back up her at the lake and I am not sure they know what hurry means.

We would like to see Patrick and Katie settled by the time the baby comes. That gives us about 40 days!!! Oh did I leave one detail out, Patrick and Katie will be married on October 25th, at our lakehouse, a date which was possible for every one of the four parents, one grandparent, 7 siblings, 3 spouses of siblings, and 5 grandchildren to be there. The wedding will be small with just our two families, but lovely I am sure. Katie is very organized where that is concerned so that helps immensely. It is very close to Katie's due date so we will pray they make it to their wedding, October 26th is a great day to go into labor! So in the month of October there will be a bit of extreme makeover things done to the house to make it wonderful and cozy for this family to be. (Anyone want to help?)

Afterward I may return to normalcy on this blog with more pictures and less chatter. As I sit here typing this we are going to have another beautiful day in the Adirondacks, the leaves are changing, this blog is definitely due for a picture!!!


Audrey Lois said...

So much news!!!!! Where is the house that you bought for Katie and Patrick to rent? The October 25 wedding sounds perfect, I will pray for good weather! See you Saturday!

Anonymous said...

holy cow - nice rocking chair!

Rosemarie said...

I am so happy for Pat & Katie (what a lovely name! hehe) - you better post some pictures. I love brides!